A Joyful Labor Day Visit and Generous Gift

Father Julius gives the homily…one of Joy on Labor Day

From the Handmaids of the Precious Blood website:

Now that we can catch a prayerful breath after the Holy Father’s historic visit to the United States, we would like to share with everyone some recent events at Cor Jesu Monastery in New Market.

Over the summer we posted on our website, as well as our wish list, that we could use a replacement display monitor. The community’s previous monitor, used for re-creation and education, had been purchased in the 1990s and survived until the New Mexico monastery was sold in 2014. While we don’t watch TV or news using such a device, we do use it for Catholic DVDs, retreats, conferences, and sharing our own photos as a family. We hope another display will outlast it’s long lived predecessor.

Father Julius Abuh presenting a display monitor to Mother Marietta and some of the Handmaids of the Precious Blood

We had no sooner asked Scott Maentz, our communications director, to post that need, than Father Julius Abuh of Saint Therese in Clinton, TN offered to donate a display for our use. To our delight he also came to have Benediction and celebrate Mass at our Chapel on Labor Day. Other guests at Mass included Scott Elmore who has given us his generous assistance in several areas, along with another member of our advisory team, Herstle Cross and his wife Marcia, and hardworking volunteers and workers on our grounds; Sean and James.

Father Julius also brought along a generous donation of foodstuffs and other items from the parish. Thank you Father Julius and all your flock. You all remain in our prayers!

We continue to be touched and humbled by the generosity of those reaching out to assist as Cor Jesu Monastery places new roots down in New Market.

Adoration and Benediction in our Chapel with Father Julius Abuh.

Breaking in the new display monitor with a DVD by Bishop Barron “Untold Blessings”